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We are one stop solution for Architecture, Interior Design, Renovations, Commercial complexes, Shops and Retail showrooms. Our founders and staff are passionate individuals with deep experience in the field and are original innovators. We believe in sustainable living and our designs exhibit our core ideology. We maximize the usage of natural elements to minimize your carbon footprint. We are located in the heart of South India. We also design and execute projects for offshore clients. We provide remote assistance and take accountability and demonstrate transparency in all our projects.

Our Projects

For over 12 years we have been busy designing and taking our clients projects from their initial sketch through to their successful completion – including project management and interior design. Inspired by natural light for better living Our extensive research is based around finding ways in which we can bring more natural light into architecture. This has a positive impact on spatial quality, sustainability, well-being, productivity and creativity

Our approach

We understand that designing and building a property can be a daunting process. Our experience and project management lead approach enables us to guide our clients though the process, from early feasibility studies to full project delivery.

Client Testimonials

Latha came in to help me with the construction of my house at a juncture when I was looking for someone who could think on my behalf. She fitted in aptly as she grasped my needs instantly and offered invaluable suggestions at the right time. She is very simple humble and easy person to work with.
Nayana Kashyap
English Professor, Mangalore University
Latha demonstrated attention to detail and precision in her work. Getting the schedule and communication in order with the vendors was another huge positive. Choice of shops for electrical fittings, Laminates etc. was well understood and handled cleanly. Though there were complexities in everything, her periodic site visits would help clear the blocking issues and help different parties to move forward. Overall, the finished product is very good and well appreciated by everyone!
Rama Kishore
IT professional & Serial Entrepreneur
Supriya and her team were very easy to work with. They took the effort to find out our preferred style and colour scheme and easily adjusted whenever we wavered. Everything was handled very professionally by her team. We are really enjoying our house and have got lots of compliments. Supriya goes the extra mile for her clients and is always available long after the project is over.
Divya Murthy

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