Our Projects

For over 12 years we have been busy designing and taking our clients projects from their initial sketch through to their successful completion – including project management and interior design.
Inspired by natural light for better living
Our extensive research is based around finding ways in which we can bring more natural light into architecture. This has a positive impact on spatial quality, sustainability, well-being, productivity and creativity

Interior Design

However large or small your project, we have the tools and experience to fulfil any brief, whether it’s simple internal alterations, renovations, maybe the removal of internal loadbearing or non-loadbearing walls, creating open plan living spaces, or simply relocating or remodelling a kitchen layout.


We pride ourselves in being a design focused small team with a personal approach to design as we recognise your new extension and living space is very personal to you. With over 20 years’ combined experience in the residential design sector for both large scale developers and homeowners alike, our passion is designing beautiful but efficient spaces, utilising effective space planning, for well balanced, enjoyable but functional spaces whilst harnessing natural light, lines of sight and connections with external spaces.


Whilst we aren’t builders ourselves, we are with you every step of the way through to completion, whether it be office support or site support we are here to answer any questions and provide technical support to yourself or your builder throughout your build to ensure an efficient and successful build.


We like to challenge our clients’ ideas by initially exploring various design solutions that we may feel enhance the project and that maybe our clients hadn’t previously considered. The design phase is an evolving process and every project and client brief is different, given it is very personal how you use and enjoy a space. And so we work with you until we’ve explored all the options and you are happy the design achieves everything it needs to for you.


Unless your project is very simple, it makes sense to at least talk to an architect for advice before you get going. Generally, architects offer a wide range of services for projects with a substantial fee, but for a smaller fee, an architect can help you get the best out of your project in the early stages, regardless of size and whether they are needed later on.

Most architects offer one-off consultations and these can be incredibly useful. They will give you guidance on all aspects of your project from design and cost through to planning and construction. In a short space of time, you can gain valuable insight to help you realise your project.

An architecture practice provides more comfort than a one-man band, as they can be more responsive. Usually there will be more than one person involved in the project so there are no major issues when someone is away or sick.

Ask them about their processes and systems. We have invested greatly in creating systems that help us run projects efficiently and consistently so we can focus our time on design.

An architect does a lot more than design some nice initial sketches. They need to have a commercial understanding of the project to make sure the design is feasible for your budget. Ask them to explain the feasibility in detail to make sure they understand this properly.

A builder may offer ‘Design & Build’ as a service. Builders do not have the training and design skill to create something that considers the context of the building, the way the light moves around the house during the day or how a family interacts with each other. This is fine if you want something very simple and require little or no design input.

If you hire an architect, you have someone that is looking after your interests and liaising with the contractor and consultants on your behalf.

Design & Build is often a good approach for loft conversions, for example, where there might not be much scope to design something creative and the main aim is to maximise the space.

Ask your architect about their unique selling point and how do you relate to their values?

Archscape Architecture’s USP / Vision is to design beautiful buildings that use ingenious ways of bringing natural light to architecture while changing how architectural services are delivered.